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Commercial HVAC Maintenance Plans

At Advanced Mechanical Systems, we take annual maintenance seriously. Why? Because with over 30 years of experience in our industry, we understand just how important a well-maintained commercial HVAC system is for your bottom line. If proper installation is the key to an efficient heating and cooling unit, then a regular commercial HVAC maintenance plan is the most important factor in the long term health of your unit.

We own our own business, and so we know what it’s like when essential systems at work go wrong: electricity, internet, plumbing, and, yes, heating and cooling. A breakdown in your commercial HVAC unit can shut down business altogether.

This is why we offer an array of commercial HVAC maintenance plans: Monthly, Quarterly, and Semi-Annual programs, each tailored specifically to meet the needs of your business.

Benefits of Commercial HVAC Maintenance

The simple truth is that heating and cooling units need maintenance. Like any machine, your HVAC unit will not run smoothly indefinitely. Just as your car needs fresh oil and clean filters, your heating and cooling system needs annual inspection.

And, just like with your car, a little money spent on preventive maintenance will save you from serious costs on down the line.

With regular maintenance, you will see:

  • Greater system efficiency
  • Extended equipment life
  • Lower overall maintenance costs
  • Fewer necessary repairs

Spokane Commercial HVAC Maintenance Plans

At AMS, we offer three separate annual maintenance plans: Monthly, Quarterly, and Semi-Annual. Regardless of which plan you choose, the maintenance itself is the same. The only difference is how often our experts review your system.

When you enroll with an AMS commerical HVAC maintenance plan, you are guaranteed that our experts fully understand all of the needs and requirements of your heating and cooling unit. We follow all manufacturer guidelines when inspecting and repairing equipment. There is nothing we haven’t seen in our 30-plus years of experience, and our team knows precisely how to evaluate, repair and maintain every unit we install.

Commercial maintenance includes:

  • Filter inspection: clean and replace
  • Belt inspection: tension adjustment and belt replacement
  • Motor inspection: voltage and amperage, lubrication and bearings
  • Wiring: connections and exposures
  • Safety controls
  • Burners: adjustment and controls
  • Leak check
  • Blower wheels and alignment inspection
  • Check for adequate refrigerant
  • Check operating pressures
  • Check for any and all condensation
  • Temperature differential inspection across evaporators
  • Total system performance and operation evaluation
  • Coil cleaning for air conditioning units (includes condenser and evaporator coils)

AMS Commercial Maintenance Guarantee

We guarantee our commercial HVAC maintenance no matter what your individual plan. If our experts overhaul your system and you are not satisfied with the work, we want to hear from you. We stand by all of our work, and if you are dissatisfied, we will come back and fix the problem.