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Spokane Industrial / Commercial HVAC

Advanced Mechanical Systems has been the leader for commercial HVAC installation and maintenance for the Inland Northwest for more than three decades. We take pride in knowing that we provide the highest-quality commercial products at a price that’s right for you, no matter what your budget. No job is too big or too small, and satisfaction is guaranteed.

AMS offers the following types of commercial services in Spokane area:

Our commercial HVAC service is a three-step process. Our technicians will work carefully with you throughout the process to ensure that all of your heating, cooling and ventilation needs are met.

1: Commercial Inspection & Evaluation

Our technicians will walk through your building top to bottom to determine the efficiency of your current system and the overall needs of your building. Evaluating the size, space and layout of your facility, we create a plan of action that takes into consideration the best system that will provide you with the climate controls you need, as well as what’s affordable for your business.

Every commercial HVAC installation is different. Your building may be best served by a packaged rooftop unit. Or perhaps a split system will be more efficient. A furnace may be the most affordable option. Or maybe heat pump is better tailored to controlling the climate of your commercial facility year round.

No matter what your heating and cooling needs, our expert technicians will analyze every option and create a unique individual plan for your business.

2: Commercial HVAC Installation

Once you have seen the plan and approved the installation, we will begin right away. At Advanced Mechanical Systems, our Spokane commercial HVAC experts install not only the highest-quality heating and cooling equipment, they also install all of the necessary sheet metal ducting and venting to ensure your system works properly and efficiently. We will also install a climate control system that can monitor and adjust as needed.

Commercial Heating and Cooling Systems:

Our products meet the highest standards of efficiency and dependability in our industry, such as the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) and Heating Seasonal Performance Factor (HSPF).

The day of your HVAC installation is the single most important day in the life of your heating and cooling system. A proper installation accounts for as much as 75% of the efficiency of your HVAC system.

Unlike other appliances, an improperly installed HVAC system will not operate to its fullest potential. A heating and cooling unit is not like a refrigerator or a washer and dryer. It is not a toaster or a stove-top oven. While other appliances will work properly even when poorly installed, the same is not true of your HVAC unit.

Which is why at AMS we take great care during your installation.

When our Spokane commercial HVAC experts arrive, they will review your specific plan and then work through an installation checklist to ensure that your new commercial heating and cooling unit is correctly installed.

Our experts will check and recheck all of the following:

  • Dampers
  • Coils
  • Drip Pans
  • Fan chambers
  • Ductwork
  • Filters
  • Wiring
  • Control systems

At AMS, we guarantee your unit will be clean, well-lubricated, and precisely calibrated. Belts will have the proper tension. Lines and tubing will be correctly evacuated. Leak tests will be professionally conducted. Your system is guaranteed to have no leaks, cracks, rust or condensation.

3: Follow Up & Annual Maintenance

With Advanced Mechanical Systems, you can be assured that our service does not stop after installation. Our technicians will follow up with you to ensure that your new heating or cooling unit is in fine working order. We guarantee all of our work, and we will make any adjustment necessary to have your system operating properly.

At AMS, we believe in annual maintenance. Your commercial HVAC system is not designed to run forever without repair. You would not drive your car for tens of thousands of miles without ever changing the oil, air filter or tires. Annual maintenance will keep your HVAC system in tip-top shape and help prevent breakdowns that require emergency repair.

We recommend maintenance in the spring and the fall, in advance of the extreme weather conditions brought on during summer and winter.

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