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Spokane HVAC Service & Repair

Annual maintenance is the single most critical factor in the long term efficiency of your HVAC system. Many home and business owners make the mistake of assuming that once the installation is complete, there is little need to ever address their HVAC system again. But heating and air conditioning units, just like your car or truck, need regular upkeep to ensure that they operate properly for years to come.

We offer a range of Commercial HVAC Maintenance Programs starting as low as $65. By utilizing one of our regular maintenance programs, you can avoid untimely breakdowns and emergency repairs, as well as maintain your system warranty. As well, annual maintenance ensures that your investment and assets are protected.

HVAC Maintenance

Advanced Mechanical Systems offers Monthly, Quarterly and Semi-Annual Commercial HVAC Maintenance Programs.

Coil Cleaning

In addition, we offer annual coil cleaning for air conditioning units. Our technicians will clean your unit’s condenser and evaporator coils, allowing your AC unit to breathe and better remove heat from your building or home. Coil cleaning maintains the efficiency of your AC system and helps to keep your energy bills low throughout the year.

Residential Maintenance

Advanced Mechanical Systems recommends a Semi-Annual Maintenance Plan for home owners with HVAC installations. Our technicians will inspect and maintain your HVAC units in both the spring and fall, preparing your home for both summer heat and winter cold. Semi-annual maintenance helps to avoid serious breakdowns during extreme weather, as well as costly emergency repair bills.