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Post Falls Residential HVAC

Advanced Mechanical Systems is one of the leading providers of Post Falls residential heating and cooling installation. We have been servicing homeowners for over 30 years in the greater Idaho area and throughout the Inland Northwest.

Post Falls Residential Heating

One of the main concerns of any homeowner is how best to keep their home heated throughout the long cold Inland Northwest winters. Freezing and below-freezing temperatures are the norm in Post Falls and the greater Idaho area. At AMS, we not only work here, we live here too, and we understand how essential proper residential heating is for everyone in our communities.

We offer a range of residential heating installation options from some of the highest-rated manufacturers in our industry:

  • Trane
  • Lennox
  • American Standard
  • York
  • Maytag
  • Ruud
  • Kelvinator

Our Post Falls residential heating installation offers multiple types of heating systems. Our expert staff will work with you closely to determine precisely which system will best meet the specific needs of your home: heat pumps, gas and electric furnaces, geothermal heating, water heaters, boilers, radiant flooring, ductless mini-splits, and humidifiers.

In addition to the heating unit installation, our technicians will also install all your system’s necessary ducting, venting and sheet metal. All of our installation experts are fully trained in sheet metal and ducting.

Post Falls Residential Cooling

Summers in Post Falls are bring extreme temperatures and plenty of heat both throughout the day and into the night. Every homeowner knows how hard it is to stay comfortable and even get to sleep during the long hot summer.

When considering an air conditioning unit for your home, our HVAC experts will help you determine exactly which system will best meet the needs of your house, as well as the specific climate concerns you may have. We factor in the size of your home and number of levels and rooms, any unique specifications or concerns, the size of your budget, and how long you intend to own your home, as well as a myriad of other factors.

Residential Air Conditioning Systems:

  • Heat Pump
  • Air Conditioner
  • Geothermal
  • Ductless Mini Splits
  • Central and Split Systems
  • Packaged Units
  • Humidifiers

Post Falls Residential HVAC Installation

Step 1: Home Inspection and Evaluation

The first step in any residential HVAC installation is to inspect your home and conduct a thorough evaluation. Our HVAC installation experts will work closely with you to evaluate the specific challenges of your home and geographic location, as well as all of the needs and concerns you have for climate control. This process will help us to understand precisely what kind of heating and cooling unit will best work within your home to meet your needs and not break your budget.

Step 2: Installation

Depending on the heating and cooling system, installation may take as little as one day or multiple days for larger projects. Installation day is the most critical event in the life of your residential HVAC unit. Nearly 75% of the efficiency of your HVAC system is accounted for on the day of installation. Improper installation will lead to a poorly-running unit that does not produce capacity results.

All of our residential installations come complete with both the heating and cooling system and any ducting, venting and sheet metal installation. Our expert technicians are fully trained to evaluate and install the entire residential HVAC system from start to finish.

Step 3: Follow Up and Maintenance

No HVAC system will run efficiently forever or operate smoothly without annual maintenance. Like any other mechanical device, a heating and cooling unit is subject to wear and tear. Annual maintenance will keep your residential heating and cooling system running at peak performance, lowering your overall energy bills and extending the life of your system.

Post Falls Residential HVAC Maintenance

At AMS, we stress to all of our customers the need for regular residential HVAC maintenance. We provide three plans:

  • Monthly HVAC Maintenance
  • Annual HVAC Maintenance
  • Semi-Annual HVAC Maintenance

The best maintenance plan for your unit will depend upon the particular system you have installed and how often your unit operates. Every unit is different.

Here on our website, we provide the following guidelines: HVAC Maintenance Checklist and Seasonal HVAC Maintenance Schedule. These will help homeowners understand what they can do on their own to keep their unit running smoothly, as well as what kind of maintenance should be scheduled throughout the year. A well-maintained unit will operate more efficiently, lower your energy bills, and be less subject to costly emergency breakdowns.

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